Telangana maa bhoomi Land records Passbook search online verify EC ROR 1B Adangals

By | January 14, 2017

Telangana Maa Bhoomi Land Records search for Encumbrance Certificate, Village Map, ROR1B, Adangals, Pahani, Registration records, Pattadar Passbook application, correction check now.

Unlike other states in India who are not well utilizing digital technology for land survey and registration information, Telangana is providing free search for Land related Registration records. Maa Bhoomi Telangana is a web portal providing exclusive information with better accuracy for users.

A Telangana Maa Bhoomi Mobile app is also launched for users to search land records in mobiles. With this facility people can verify their land records and registration records without any charges. Website name is

List of documents and land information records available in Maa Bhoomi website:

  • Telangana Land Registration detailstelangana passbook ec ror 1b verification
  • Land or fields Pattadar Pass Book Details
  • Search for Pattardar passbook
  • Pattadar Passbook details Correction application
  • Aadhar linking with land records ROR 1B
  • FMB Copy or Field Measurement Book
  • Adangal Search by Survey Number
  • Village Maps or Grama Patam
  • EC – Encumbrance Certificate Search
  • Pahani & Tippans
  • Statistics of land records survey, UID aadhar number linking, District wise records.
  • Bhuvan portal for satellite location of Property.
  • Mobile App download.

How to search for Telangana Encumbrance Certificate online:

IGRS portal was formed by Telangana revenue and registration department. Use this website link “” for EC search.

Select the submit button to proceed for Encumbrance Search. We have explained about this procedure in this article.

Telangana EC Encumbrance Certificate Search.

Online Land records search in Telangana Maa Bhoomi website:

If you want to search pahani select pahani menu. You have four options to search with, Name of land passbook owner, Pattadar passbook Number, UID Aadhar number, Land or property survey number.

Select any one of the option. Then choose district, mandal, village and Survey number.

Click on search. Your pahani details are displayed on the page.

Grama ROR 1B (Village Record of Rights 1B) & Our ROR 1B searching procedure:

Select ROR 1B menu and choose our or village option. If you choose village option user will get village wise details. Select District, Mandal and village name. Choose options of Survey number, Passbook number, Aadhar number, Land Owner name.

People can get all details of entire village.