Land Records Search Online Information

By | January 9, 2017

Land Records Search Online is a web portal that provides state wise Online Bhulekh Bhumi Jankari information. Our team of analysts have researched most easy and safe methods to search land records. For every property owner or tenant checking his or her property registration records is necessary for authenticity.

Uses and importance of Land Records Search Online – Explained now.

  • First is to see and verify our registration records in Revenue Department database are in perfect order.
  • To prove or check property legal clearance or Checking its Ownership details.
  • It is also useful to check Original Documented value and its area of extent, Occupancy.
  • For getting Encumbrance Certificate Statement and history of own or others property.
  • Application for Bank loans and other government related financial schemes eligibility.
  • Checking of Market value, Government Proposed document minimum value etc.
  • Verification of ownership records, applying passbook, property card in coming days. Government is in a decision to issue property cards for each owner linked to aadhar number.

Online Checking procedure of Land Records search in Government Registration portals.

Each state registration & Stamps department has held its Encumbrance Certificate details in perfect order up to date. How ever many manipulations are done by some illegal activities. To overcome this trouble geo tagging of proerty, lands, buildings are being commenced by each state in back-end process.

One of it was digitization of online land record search procedures for citizens. Some states have given facility to look and verify their registration records. We provide information of various services available in Revenue department website.

List of services available in IGRS & Registration and Stamps websites:

  • Applying & searching for latest Encumbrance Certificates in online.
  • Looking of ROR 1B (Registration of Rights) records as per govt database.
  • Getting RR6 RR6 Adangals, Pahani, etc land or property related documents & records.
  • Download or applying for duplicate Registration Documents of a property.
  • Knowing about current Market value of lands, Government proposed stamp value for various areas.
  • Looking for Stamp duty, Registration formats of various documents, Deeds etc.